Harmel, Rameden advance to state Spelling Bee
February 24, 2017


The 2017 Pierce County Scripps Spelling Bee was held Wednesday, February 22 in the Rugby High School auditorium.

There were four participants total, three from Rugby and one from Wolford. Judges were RHS Principal Jared Blikre, Language Arts teacher Kyle Vareberg, and Librarian Jessica Fritz.

Participants completed three rounds of testing, a written test, a vocab test, and an oral test. After the third round, a tie was announced between Alyssa Harmel and Taia Rameden. In a fourth round, which served as the tiebreaker, Harmel was announced the first place winner.

The written test round involved Spelling Bee organizer Ashley Stricker reading off 15 words for the participants to write down correctly. In round two, vocabulary words were shown on a screen with two options to choose from of what the word meant. In round three, each participant was asked to spell 10 words out loud by themselves.

The 10 words in the oral test round were loiter, gradient, antibiotic, condolences, diagnosis, alleviate, bureaucracy, triangulation, supremacy and jalapeo. The five tiebreaker words were Scandinavia, champagne, serotonin, Bosque and anaphylaxis.

Harmel won by one word.

Both Harmel and Rameden will be representing Pierce County at the State Spelling Bee in Bismarck on March 20th at the Ramkota Convention Center.

Other participants were Christian Loughman and Sierra Tofte.


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