32 RHS students to attend state music
April 13, 2018


Thirty-two Rugby students competed in the Regional Instrumental Music Festival at Langdon High School on Friday, April 6, 2018. Students who received a Star rating will attend the State Class B Music Festival, which is at Bismarck State College on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Student's results are posted below. The rating a student can receive is a fair, good, excellent, or star. Star is the highest rating and means he or she will compete at state. (Excellent is the second best rating)

Flute Solos:

Kristina Brossart - Excellent

Morgan LaRocque - Star

Oboe Solos:

Maria Mack - Star and received Outstanding Performance

Riley Grove - Star

Clarinet Solos:

Allyson Kleespie - Star

Madalyn Pretzer - Star

Bass Clarinet:

Kate Heidlebaugh - Excellent

Alto Saxophone Solo:

Madison Uhlenkamp - Excellent

Baritone Saxophone Solo:

Isaiah Johnson - Star

Trumpet Solos:

Kaitlyn Boucher - Excellent

Tesha Sobolik - Excellent

French Horn Solos:

Sasha Klein - Star

Beth Boucher - Excellent

Trombone Solo:

Landen Foster - Star and received Outstanding Performance

Snare Drum Solos:

Landon Rost - Star

Trenton Sanford - Star and received Outstanding Performance

Robert Dibble - Excellent

Flute Ensemble: - Star

Morgan LaRocque, Jacque Blessum, Lauren Voeller, Brooke Senger, Bella McCabe, Kaitlyn Boucher, and Lilly Schmidt

Flute and Oboe Duet: - Star

Morgan LaRocque and Riley Grove

Clarinet and Oboe Ensemble: - Star and received Outstanding Performance

Allyson Kleespie, Madalyn Pretzer, and Maria Mack

Saxophone Quartet: - Star

Madison Uhlenkamp, Kordell Kraft, Dessa Denich, and Isaiah Johnson

Trumpet Ensemble: - Star

Kaitlyn Boucher, Hayden Thingvold, Tesha Sobolik, Lauren Casavant, and Warren Walker

French Horn Duet: - Star

Sasha Klein and Beth Boucher

French Horn Quartet: - Star

Sasha Klein, Beth Boucher, Brooke Blessum, and Sarah Blessum

Trombone Trio: - Star

Landen Foster, Jacque Blessum, and Karsyn Hager

Brass Ensemble: - Star

Kaitlyn Boucher, Hayden Thingvold, Tesha Sobolk, Lauren Casavant, Brooke Blessum, Sarah Blessum, Landen Foster, Jacque Blessum, DJ Schneibel, and Cole Schneibel

Percussion Quartet: - Star

Karsyn Hager, Landon Rost, Trenton Sanford, and Robert Dibble

The students are excited to participate at the Bismarck State College on May 5.

- Kari Hill, RHS music instructor


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