Eagles Auxiliary hosts "Turkey Bingo"
November 29, 2019


Bingo players at the Eagles last Saturday raised $400 for the Pierce County Food Bank and took a chance to win a main course for their own Thanksgiving feasts.

Game organizer Holly Niemi said the Eagles Auxiliary usually holds bingo games to raise money for various charities. Prizes are usually in cash, too, but frozen turkeys were the prizes for Saturday's game.

"We do local charities around town, we do state charities, we do national charities, but this one we wanted to do for our local food pantry," Niemi said.

Niemi said the turkey bingo game was "our very first one. With so much going on this weekend, it was a nice crowd today."

About 50 people paid for cards and tickets for a separate raffle and played for the frozen turkeys in 15 separate games.


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